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Compose Digital is based in Hong Kong, with 30 years of design and development experience in printing solutions.

We love to find simple solutions to complex challenges.

User Experience

Compose understands how important it is to build products which will meet the expectation from users. Most of our products are developed based on working together with customer’s feedback and requests,

Identity Design

We believe our strength is working behind our partners, we are happy to go all the way to help our partners to build a solid branding, including documentation, localization and online support to serve their customer better.

Service and Support

On most Compose developed products it will come with a free of charge Service and Support for the first year, subsequently it is available on yearly support contract. We believe letting our customers feel comfortable on buying anything from Compose.

State of Art Technology

State of Art Technology

Compose Digital specialize in crafting unique brand identities and integration with state of art technology.
With 30 years working with Vendors and Distributors around the world, Compose Digital is well connected with international partners to promote innovative products to meet local requirement. At the same time, Compose has RIP, Inkjet technology, color management skill and Variable data technology to bring your products to the next level.


Compose Digital will work with you, Not for you.
Compose is happy to share with you our knowledge, providing an automated process to bring your machine to become the best of its class. Equipped with a team of experience hardware and software engineers, we can easily custom built your solution to meet today’s big data production workflow.

Case Studies.

We build you the best products.

Let’s work together.

Our clients are our partners.
We work hard to bring them
State of the Art Technology.


coaso logo ScreenShot

We have been working with COASO for a while, really appreciate the fact that they are serious and technically advanced. The newly introduced iCuejet 370 UV varnish machine with hot stamping function will be innovative and lead the trend. Compose Digital is proud to be a partner with them on this development.


iCueJet370 with gold foiling 25


Watch video Introduction on iCueJet 370


The success story of COASO