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CoPrA is your control center for any output profiling task

CoPrA will allow you to produce high-quality output profiles with simple, easy to use tools. Using CoPrA, it is very easy to create printer, DeviceLink and SaveInk profiles for typical day-to-day color management challenges including sophisticated Multicolor scenarios. In addition, it is possible to save color conversions of any kind in the form of a DeviceLink profile, including selective and global corrections. Click here to learn more about the amazing Reprofiling technology included in CoPrA. The software includes all the essential tools and functions that a professional user needs in order to create high-quality profiles

Advantages of CoPrA at a glance:

  • CoPrA stands for "Color Profiling Application" and is a standalone application for MacOSX and Windows platforms that combines:
    first-class ICC output profile creation
  • ICC DeviceLink technology for RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, and Multicolor color spaces, as well as for switching between color spaces (e.g. RGB-2-CMYK DeviceLinks)
  • Creation of SaveInk DeviceLink profiles for print optimization and saving of inks
  • The possibility of saving color transformations of any kind, e.g. selective or global corrections, in the form of a DeviceLink profile.
  • CoPrA offers highest professional quality in an application designed for the professional user as well as for the color management novice
CoPrA is offered in different packages according to your profiling needs:

CoPrA - Features and Modules

CoPrA is a high quality DeviceLink and printer profiling solution based on the ICC standard. The software includes all essential tools and functions needed in order to create high-quality profiles

The software consists of five different modules that can be ordered separate or in one of our interesting bundles:

  1. DeviceLink profiling
  2. DeviceLink editing
  3. SaveInk profiling
  4. Printer profiling
  5. Multicolor add-on

Printer Profiling


CoPrA provides complete color control of separation settings for CMYK and Multicolor printer profiles

CoPrA provides complete color control of separation settings for CMYK and Multicolor printer profiles
Depending on the packages CoPrA will profile the following color spaces: Gray, RGB, CMY, CMYK or Multicolor.
Creating printer profiles in CoPrA involves loading measurement and reference data and selecting the settings for profile generation.

Easy creation of profiles by using profiling settings

The profiling settings are a special feature of CoPrA, and can be saved and re-used or edited. This ensures consistent profiling and increased color quality in production. Once the required profile quality is achieved and results with a particular set of settings, simply retrieve these settings to create new profiles based on new measurement data - even if you're not a color management expert.


  • Predefined profiling settings facilitate the effective and secure profile generation
  • Predefined profiling settings facilitate the effective and secure profile generation
  • CoPrA includes a number of standard settings immediately after installation for all five profiling modules, in addition, to the option of creating specialized settings for particular production environments. The additional rendering intents, in particular, help the user to achieve the very best quality. The different modes for controlling the black channel permit specific control of the separation characteristics. These options are complemented by the numerous possibilities for defining exceptions.

DeviceLink Profiling

DeviceLink profiles complement the use of "normal" ICC device profiles (device profiles are printer, monitor, and scanner profiles, for example) and are applied to certain tasks in order to achieve substantially better results in terms of quality and printing when converting and adapting colors. DeviceLink profiles specifically avoid many of the weaknesses of color conversion based on ICC device profiles.
CoPrA can create DeviceLink profiles for all combinations of color spaces: Gray, RGB, CMYK, Multicolor. The most important applications are CMYK-to-CMYK, RGB-to-CMYK and CMYK-to- Multicolor. To create DeviceLink profiles, a preconfigured ICC printer profile is required. If no ICC printer profile for a printing process or an output device is available, create it in the CoPrA Printer Profiling module.

DeviceLink profiles by editing

One of the more powerful features of CoPrA is creating DeviceLink profiles with the DeviceLink Editing module. These profiles can, for example, then be applied in automated fashion in a workflow program that supports DeviceLink profiles (e.g. a color server like ZePrA).


Using the Editing module editing or fine tuning of color conversions will be predictable
Simply open one of the supplied CoPrA Edit Charts that are installed with CoPrA in an image editing program (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) and make all the color corrections required. It is possible to add other image data to the Edit Charts. The corrections are applied globally to the entire Edit Chart. Based on this editing, CoPrA then calculates a new DeviceLink profile. This powerful function can be put to a wide variety of uses: recurring color corrections on different sets of image data, specifically prepare RGB image data for four-color or multicolor printing, apply gradation curves in the profile rather than in the RIP, create special effects, or simply fine-tune an existing DeviceLink profile. 

Saving ink - Stabilizing the printing process


Ink saving with highest quality made easy to use for every printing system

By optimizing the black composition of the data, SaveInk profiles make it possible to reduce the amount of cyan, magenta and yellow used - without any loss of quality and control the amount of TAC (total area coverage) reduction. Applying this function to a moderate degree enhances the stability of the printing process, while use of a stronger level saves a lot of ink. Additionally SaveInk functionality can also be combined with the other options available in CoPrA, e.g. color space conversion + SaveInk.

Multicolor Add-on

The multicolor add-on extents the use of either the printer or the DeviceLink profiling to other color spaces beyond CMYK.
The comprehensive Multicolor add-on supports:

  • 4-color-systems using CMY without black + either Red or Green or Blue inks
  • 5-color systems: CMYK + either Red or Green or Blue or CMY + either Red+Green, Red+Blue or Green+Blue
  • 6-color systems: CMYK + either Red+Green, Red+Blue or Green+Blue or CMY + Red+Green+Blue
  • 7-color systems: CMYK + Red+Green+Blue
  • 6-Farbsysteme: CMY + Rot+Gr?n+Blau, ohne Schwarz
  • The CMY channels can be exchanged with other similar inks, too. For example exchange Magenta with a reddish ink or Yellow with a beige ink.

Additional Tools

A box of tools for profiles

The ToolBox offers helpful and intuitive tools for different purposes. Apply device profiles and DeviceLink profiles on images with the Image Conversion, organize, analyze and optimize profiles easily by using the ProfileManager and monitor the creation of several profiles at once with the Batch Overview. Additional software like ColorAnt and UPPCT makes CoPrA the most comprehensive and high-end tool for the professional user.

Image Conversion

CoPrA will convert PSD, TIFF and JPEG files with the help of ICC device profiles and DeviceLink profiles. This function is very useful for checking the profile quality on the basis of images, since typical application programs do often not support all types of DeviceLink or multicolor profiles.

Profile Manager

The Profile Manager is now integrated with CoPrA. The ProfileManager allows the user to directly view, organize, analyze, compare or even adapt profiles after creation within the CoPrA environment. As an example it is possible to change the channel name of multicolor profiles according to the desired channel names or verify and check the quality of a profile by means of a profile report or even smooth the look up tables of your profiles.

Batch profiling

Batch profiling functions are incorporated in CoPrA allowing power users to create several profiles at once. Some of the advantages of batch profiling: While the first profile is already in the process of being calculated, load new measurement data, prepare the next profile(s) and likewise have them calculated. All the profiles to be calculated are displayed in the Batch Overview and are processed one after the other. With batch profiling and calculating numerous profiles successively, it is not necessary to wait until the calculation of the current profile to be completed before preparing the next profile for calculation.

Measure test charts with UPPCT

The Printer Profiling module additionally contains the possibility of directly measuring test charts for profile creation, rather than measuring and saving them exclusively via external measuring software and then importing them into CoPrA (which works fine, too). This was made possible by creating a link to the UPPCT software of the Swiss Center of Competence for

  • Media and Printing Technology Ugra.
  • ColorAnt included in CMYK printer profiling module

Prior to creating printer profiles based on measurement data ColorLogic recommends checking and optimizing the measurement data to get the best possible profile quality. ColorAnt is included as part of the CoPrA M, L, XL and XXL packages making CoPrA a comprehensive and high-end tool for the professional user.