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ZePrA is our sophisticated color server for MacOSX and Windows. ZePrA closes the gap between manual color conversion and the use of a complex and expensive workflow solution efficiently. Its practical orientation and ease of use ensures immediate results and avoids long integration phases. Just integrate a ZePrA color server into your existing workflow and we are confident that you will be thrilled by the immediate increase in quality and efficiency. With the Auto Setup feature and simple to use interface, ZePrA can be implemented easily into most workflows. The ability to handle even multicolor files, apply DeviceLink profiles to any color space conversion and convert spot color on-the-fly makes ZePrA to a must have for any production environment.

Advantages of ZePrA at a glance:

  • Simple, clearly structured user prompting and setup
  • Extraordinarily high speed processing of files
  • Outstanding quality of PDF processing
  • Supports all common PDF/X standards
  • Modular solution which allows to start small and add more modules later
  • Outstanding quality of color conversion ?Supports color management for all color spaces including Multicolor
  • Missing DeviceLink profiles can be build on-the-fly with SmartLink and the integrated CoPrA
  • Adjust printer color deviations with the integrated Reprofiler
  • Sophisticated spot color handling

The following table corresponding to the packages and modules for ZePra

Zepra 7

Feature overview

ZePrA Features and Modules

ZePrA has many features to simplify and increase the quality of PDF color management. With the addition of extremely powerful modules and our SmartLink technology ZePrA can automate your companies color management workflow.

Auto Setup Wizard


ZePrA's Auto Setup Wizard makes it easy to set up your color management workflow ZePrA's Auto Setup Wizard makes it easy to set up your color management workflow The easiest way to automate color conversion is to use ZePrA's Auto Setup Wizard and the DeviceLink Profile Sets or SmartLink. Just a few clicks are necessary to choose between different typical workflow options. Combined with our DeviceLink Sets or with the SmartLink module it is so simple to create save and high quality color workflows without being a color management expert. ZePrA automatically configures all the necessary hot folders and is instantly ready to process PDF, TIFF, JPEG or PSD files for the CMYK, RGB, Grayscale. Multicolor color spaces and spot colors. By creating a queue for a PDF/X-compliant workflow, the descriptive parameters for the output condition are automatically set. 

SmartLink - DeviceLink generation on-the-fly


The automatic creation of DeviceLink profiles on-the-fly with SmartLink can be fine tuned towards your printing process.

The automatic creation of DeviceLink profiles on-the-fly with SmartLink can be fine tuned towards your printing process The ColorLogic SmartLink function permits dynamic generation of DeviceLink profiles, taking various factors into consideration, such as preservation of the separation characteristics, use of the TAC of the target profile, preservation of pure colors with simultaneous dynamic gamut mapping. Even in cases where you cannot use already existing DeviceLink profiles, this offers you to exploit automatically the advantages of DeviceLink technology for the best color conversion results. Many options are available allowing you to define how SmartLink shall create the DeviceLinks, optimized for traditional printing like Offset, Gravure or Newspaper or targeted for Digital Printing or Large Format Printing. If you would like to have your own preferences regarding color conversion, you can easily adjust SmartLink with your own DeviceLink presets, because CoPrA SP is part of the SmartLink package!

Furthermore, SmartLink enables you to compensate deviations from either your home standard or to the desired printing standard. Our innovative Reprofiler technique allows compensation for any deviations by creating high-quality printer and DeviceLink profiles based on just a few measurements. Reprofiler SP, is also a part of the SmartLink package and it’s generated profiles can be easily integrated in ZePrA.

With the comprehensive XL package you can even automatically create SaveInk profiles for your own house standards. Select either one of the three preset saving options (SaveNeutral, Strong Save or SaveMax), or use CoPA SP to make your own presets and apply them directly in ZePrA.

Check out the quality advantages with SmartLink over normal ICC device conversions here.

Other features of ZePrA 


With the new navigation panel in ZePrA 4 you can easily switch between configurations, queues and settings.

With the new navigation panel in ZePrA 4 you can easily switch between configurations, queues and settings.

Current jobs can easily be monitored in the clearly structured Overview window, which is divided into jobs in progress, pending jobs, and processed jobs. The color quality of the converted file can be verified with the help of an integrated soft proof.

Using the Auto Setup wizard is just one possible way of setting up a configuration and workflow in ZePrA. You can define and automate any color conversion in the Configurations window. Your own configurations can be saved and applied to any hot folder, or duplicated and modified for other conversions.

There are separate areas for selecting the required conversion for each color space. In addition, options are available for sharpening, image compression, flattening, for the targeted handling of spot colors and the definition of PDF-specific settings.


Spot Color conversion

The sophisticated spot color module leads to high-quality conversion of spot colors to the target color space. Our spot color solution is aimed to printers whose customers impose stringent demands on the color-accurate rendering of spot colors. The target group particularly includes packaging printers who have to deal with numerous spot colors and want to optimize their printing process by converting spot colors into CMYK or Multicolor process colors. The ColorLogic solution offers printers the secure knowledge of getting the best possible conversion of spot colors into process colors, both in terms of colorimetry and regarding best printability. ZePrA uses spectral data and spot color libraries and can even optimize colors based on custom conversions, too.

Gradation corrections

Gradation curve corrections ensure compliance with printing standards and is helpful to compensate variables in the printing process. These printing characteristics can be directly included in the data. You may apply curves on process and spot colors. Gradations allows last minute changes to data, too.