Water resistant Ink, suitable to use in a wide variety of substrates.

The most reliable LaTex printer on the market, reaching 140 square meters per hour.  No additional primer is required.


Coupled with color management, you can reach ISO 12647, Forgra, G7, pressSIGN international standards at any time.


Extraordinary design to meet industrial production needs

  • Using Industrial Kyocera print head, supports 4 to 8 color printing, resolution up to 600 x 1200 dpi, high-definition image quality.
  • Based on high precision engineering, speed can up to 140 sq meter per hour.
  • Simple to use, Intelligent user interface, you can easily manage several machines with one operator.
  • The use of variable ink droplet technology enables precise control of droplet size.
  • Using proprietary environmental friendly LaTex inks, in line with the current market slogan on green printing around the world.
  • Stable and well built, the best roll to roll machine built for productivity in mind.


Built for high productivity in mind

  • It adopts two kinds of drying methods: top drying and bottom drying. This combination of drying method is most suitable for continuous printing in large quantities or with color saturated patches. The top dryer will turn on only when there is a need.
  • A built-in control system is there to help keeping the print media running in constant speed. The monitoring system is self-adjusted to keep it regulated in constant speed.
  • The reliable anti-scratch mechanism can effectively protect the nozzles on the head, minimize any damage to the nozzle, thereby increasing the life of the heads.
  • We provide a nationwide support team to take care of service and support during working hours.


Low power consumption, environmentally friendly

  • Ideal for short and long print run, machine is built for easy to change any print media.
  • Tightly integrated with Compose workflow solution to manage any production need. Compose is proud to provide a high speed RIP and color management solution as a standard feature for this machine.
  • Compose Color management can match your end product to any color standard around the world. High speed variable data engine is available to allow you to open new business opportunity in this digital world.
  • It is built to connect with web to print front end or ERP system, making sure your machine is tied tightly with production schedule.


Approved by Kyocera on the Ink

Am1800 009


Our Ink is certified by Kyocera as highly compatible with Kyocera heads. Our Ink meets the requirement for color purity and stability.


1800Image 092422

AM1800P spec






1800Image 092457