Blue Sky UV Proofer

BSUV - 7590  75 x 85 mm

BSUV  -1115  105 x 45 mm

BSUV - 1513  145 x 125 mm

BSUV - 2513  235 x 125 mm               



Ideal printer for Packaging proofing and Photographic Printing. 

Using the industry acclaimed Harlequin RIP in the market, we produce the finest screening and support the most number of input formats to take this trouble out of your hand. 

The RIP comes with the best color engine, you can reach ISO 12647, Forgra, G7, pressSIGN, and many other international standards to meet your customer's expectation.

This Blue Sky Flatbed UV Printer, is aiming at the proofing market, particularly the packaging sector. We hope to help designers to get everything they set out to do for their clients.   It is a six color machine fitted with CMYK white and varnish UV ink, making it one of the most versatile and low in running cost machine in the market. Using Ricoh industrial heads, capable of printing 3 pico liters drop size, which allows very fine lines and sharp edges to be printed.

IMG 6493

User can choose different resolutions they like to print, the lowest will be 720xx300 dpi, and the finest will be 720x1200 dpi for the photographic print market.  This will help to cover all their needs in meeting customers requirement.

IMG 6495

Machine comes into 4 different sizes, smallest is 1660 x 1500 mm, largest is 2420x2100 mm. it will match most of the printing presses in the market.

IMG 6496

Besides targeting at packaging and gift boxes, we also aim at advertising.  We aware designers always has a tight schedule, they always need a prototype approval from customer which require the finest print and quality. With the ability to print white and varnishing , this special effect is most welcomed in the wine boxes and up market products.

Blue Sky UV Printer can be easily adjusted to suit different thickness of substrates, making it ideal for box printing of any kind. 

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