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pressero fit 3 classes

Pressero™ is for Print Service Provider (commercial, Digital)

Pressero™ is for Print Distributor (Brokers, Creative, Agency)

Pressero™ is for In-Plants (corporate, Institutional)



We have literally thousands of users which we can show you their live site, never a shortage of user sites as examples. 

Live User Sites
Printems (use to illustrate Pricing Engines)
Imprentadigital (good to show expansion outside of print)
Lifewall (Great example customer custom skinning themselves)
Lega Print (Photo book example)
Century Marketing (Uses eDoc to drive marketing engine)
Digitcopy (great example using segments to drive growth)
Mimeo (taking print and services further)
Banners & Mash (taking custom skinning to the extreme)
iMailedit (taking print to marketing services)
ZinPrint (follow links to other sites for each category)
SnapJack (good one for eDoc illustration)