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A simple job management solution

V-Label is a simple Job management solution for printing labels of all kind, it is built with an intention to simplify some of the process which already have the information available when job is created. Like jobs coming in say from the e-commence site we can have it automatically go into the Job database to save creating it again.

VL label 02


Easy to operate

V-Label is also an application developed for versatility and ease of use in mind. We hope to assist operators to take the mind off managing busy schedules, just get on with the work to print as fast as jobs come in.

V-Label has replaced all the frequently used name labels with ICONs on its user interface, there is only one user interface people must familiarize with. Most of the ICONs are placed together at a most convenient location, to suit the working practice during production.

Submitting a job manually to the system is by providing a job name, media to be used, quantity to be printed and finally the artwork of label in pdf. At the same time, job submission can also be submitted through online system, or MIS system 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week.

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Easy to build a print job

It is intuitive, take for example the media manager only needs the operator to specify the name of media and width of media. That is all an operator cares about when choosing a media to print for the next job, and how wide is the media do they need for this job.

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Submitting jobs to the Database

Once a job is accepted, it will be placed into the Job database, classified by media, or date of delivery, print count on this job. This will enable our operators to select jobs by classification to speed up his selection. Or how they should gang them up to save media. To do that we need to know which jobs are suitable to be grouped together, or which are the urgent jobs that must go out first.


Choosing jobs to Print

Once a media is selected, all operator has to do is selecting the job from the job pool on the left hand side, drag and drop to the layout area will immediately perform the calculation and inform to the operator how many labels can be fitted across, and what is the total length of this job when it is printed.

VL label 03

When a Label job is selected, or several labels have been selected, these labels will be marked ready to print, a job report is created for record. If there is a MIS system connected, they will be sent as a data file for update on the MIS, otherwise a pdf file will be generated for further processing. As you can see, from this quick tour on how a job can be processed till it is ready to print, it really is simple to use.