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Designed for the Digital Era.

In this age of digital media, companies have to adapt rapidly to emerging changes. They must find ways to deliver content via different networks, channels and devices. And they need the means to monetize their offerings. vjoon K4® helps you streamline and manage with exacting control the supply chains that deliver your content across different output channels. With far less time given over to administrative chores, you will have far more time to devote to creative pursuits, upping quality to earn higher returns on your content.

vjoon K4® is one of the most innovative cross-media publishing platforms available in the market and lets you deliver your valuable content to any output channel - print, online, mobile, tablet. Based on the time- and cost-saving Unified Publishing Process(tm) vjoon K4 provides the tools that allow your team to publish anywhere, smoothly and efficiently - whether you produce magazines, newspapers, annual reports, sales materials or books. Renowned customers worldwide and in configurations from 5 to more than 1,400 concurrent users benefit from this sophisticated solution. vjoon K4 is made in Germany by vjoon GmbH.

A fixture on the publishing market since 1990, vjoon® is a leading developer of workflow solutions based on Adobe® Creative Suite®. vjoon rapidly integrates all Adobe innovations into its solutions and consistently develops its products to meet market needs. Headquartered in greater Hamburg, Germany, vjoon partners with a global network of more than 30 qualified integrators to deliver premium system integration and support services to its customers.

Count on vjoon K4 – the payoff will be well worth your while:

Superior Multi-Channel Publishing

With vjoon K4 you can manage any content and serve all media. The system enables every team member to create a multi-channel story within any client providing different renditions or variants of the same object automatically. vjoon K4 allows content to be published for print, web, tablet, mobile, e-reader, social network or syndication – process driven and efficient.

Enhanced Collaboration

With vjoon K4 as the standard platform humming in the background, editors, designers and managers focus on their own parts of the publishing process without getting in each other's way, allowing writing, designing, photo editing and editorial review to proceed simultaneously and collaboratively.

Increased Efficiency

The process-driven method reduces individual errors and the overall risk inherent in any publishing process. On top of that, the system uses rights and roles to determine precisely who may edit or even view a document and when they may do so. Users can work in parallel to fast-track workflows and the many manual chores take no time at all once they are automated.

Improved Flexibility

The processes in vjoon K4 readily adapt to your needs. The system is exceedingly flexible and responsive, enabling you to react quickly and easily to changes. You have everything under control 24/7 – complex processes, multimedia contents and even licenses. The entire workflow is laid out for you to see so you can intervene whenever necessary.

State-of-the-Art Technology

vjoon K4 is a multi-tier architectural solution with an intuitive browser-based administration interface. It supports modern standard database platforms (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and ORACLE). The system can be extended using Web services. Built-in automation streamlines complex processes and a convenient graphical workflow design editor lets you configure and manage workflows efficiently.


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